The main stage of designing your bathroom 

The main stages to go through in selecting the Design of your bathroom are:

  • Bathroom Measurements – the starting point for all bathroom design is how much space do you have? If you look on our measuring guide (click to enlarge) we have an illustration on how to measure a bathroom properly
  • We will then scale your measurements to size to show you how much room we actually have to work with
  • We will then ask you a few questions about the water pressure as having a Combi boiler or other system can affect the water pressure which can also affect the compatibility of the product choices you make
  • Now we need to ascertain your personal requirements, mobility issues, product choices, likes/dislikes budgets, timescales, final interior layout (do you need walls moving etc..)
  • Review – we now review all we have discussed and show you a plan of layout as well as an itemised product list and installation plan

Measuring Guide

The starting point for any bathroom project is to ascertain exactly how much space you have to work with, so please have a look at our guide which shows how to properly measure a bathroom, obviously bathrooms can be different shapes and sizes but the basic principles are the same.